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Beauty Drink Series

The Beauty Drink Series offers a comprehensive range of powdered beverages designed to enhance both inner wellness and outer radiance. This series encompasses a diverse selection of drinks tailored to meet various beauty and health needs.

Ultimately, Beauty Drink takes a holistic approach by blending various beauty-enhancing ingredients to promote overall well-being. These powdered drinks often feature a harmonious combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and natural extracts to nourish the body and amplify its natural beauty. Incorporating these powdered beverages into a daily routine can provide a refreshing and effective way to support health and radiance.

Whether your goal is weight management, skin revitalization, or a boost of essential nutrients, the Beauty Drink Series offers an array of options to choose from. By embracing these beverages, individuals can embark on a journey towards inner vitality and outer allure, all while sipping their way to a healthier and more beautiful self.

Beauty Drink Series Description

Beauty Drink Series

  1. Slimming Drink

  2. Vitamin Drink

  3. Enzyme Drink

  4. Sunnah Berries Essence Drink

  5. Collagen Drink

  6. Whitening Drink

  7. Beauty Drink


Type: Beauty Drink
Shelf Life: 18 - 24 months
Taste: Fruity or Mixed
Grade: Specialty / Premium Liquid
Formulation: 100% Customised
Certification: Halal, GMP, MeSTI, HACCP, HCL, Buatan Malaysia

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