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Health Properties

A powdered beverage boasting exceptional health properties has emerged as a groundbreaking option for health-conscious consumers seeking convenience without sacrificing nutritional value. This innovative solution combines the ease of preparation associated with powdered drinks with a plethora of health benefits, making it a versatile choice for modern lifestyles.

In conclusion, the introduction of this health-enhancing powdered beverage marks a pivotal moment in the realm of dietary options. By amalgamating convenience, nutrition, and versatility, it addresses the evolving needs of the modern consumer. This innovative product aligns seamlessly with busy schedules, enabling individuals to prioritize their health without compromising on taste or efficacy. As society becomes increasingly health-conscious, this powdered beverage stands as a testament to the progress made in creating functional, beneficial, and easily accessible dietary solutions.

Health Properties Description

Health Properties

  1. Immune Booster

  2. Calming

  3. Anti Acne

  4. Anti Aging

  5. Anti-Inflammatory

  6. Regulate Blood Glucose / Blood Pressure

  7. Reduce Cholesterol

  8. Detoxification

  9. Super Nutrients Food

  10. Digestive Health

  11. Cardiovascular Health

  12. Slimming

  13. Overall Beauty


Type: Healthy Beverage / Direct Consume Powder / Probiotic Powder / Vitamin Powder
Shelf Life: 18 - 24 months
Taste: Berries Fruity or Mixed
Grade: Premium
Formulation: 100% Customised
Certification: Halal, GMP, MeSTI, HACCP, HCL, Buatan Malaysia

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